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For Press

October, 2004

Is your computer on time?

Punctuality has always been regarded has one of the most important character traits. We praise punctual people, people who are never late. But now ask yourself this question - is you computer punctual, s it on always on time? Most of us adjust time manually, which means current time you see in the corner of your computers may be seconds, minutes or hours apart with the correct time. And most people are not aware of time servers located all over the world that can help you to set absolutely correct time according to the atomic clocks.

Until recently, only large companies could afford such software - banks, credit card processors, Internet Service Providers and so on. The release of Absolute Time Corrector has radically changed the situation. Industry professionals regard Absolute Time Corrector as the best time utility available on the Internet. It is priced under twenty dollars and you get a trial period before you buy this software.

It is no wonder that Absolute Time Corrector quickly became a leading time setting utility. In addition to being affordable, regular folks can easily understand and use the program. Small businesses love this software too. If you have several computers in your local network, this software can make sure that the time on each of the computer is accurate and synchronised. One customer told us that after using Absolute Time Corrector at home he decided to install this software at the local fire station where he worked. They saved several thousand dollars and were very pleased with the software's performance.

Here is a bit of tech talk that explains how this software works. Absolute Time Corrector connects your computer to time servers that provide the exact time to all computers in a network based on the time standard set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Absolute Time Corrector allows you either choose time servers or use the default ones. Absolute Time Corrector uses RFC-868 and RFC-2030 protocols which are common and reliable.

Absolute Time Corrector features manual, periodical and wait-for-connection synchronization modes. Once set up, the host computer can serve as a timeserver to any size LAN. You can easily synchronize your PC's time via the Internet with a single mouse click. Absolute Time Corrector hides in the system tray and does not require any desktop space. The software features automatic Internet connection checking and hot keys for main program functions. But the most important feature of Absolute Time Corrector is superb customer service and technical support. Whether you are a computer novice or a seasoned system administrator you will get prompt answer that you can understand. Don't hesitate to send an e-mail if you are not sure whether you need single, multi-user or site license. We will help you make the right choice and tell you about our extensive discounts (up to 50 off).

Absolute Time Corrector runs under Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP and may be purchased for $19.97 US online at http://www.adjusttime.com. Site licenses and volume discounts are available. You can download a fully-functional trial version of Absolute Time Corrector from http://www.adjusttime.com.

[May 09, 2013]

Great News! Major updates for Absolute Time Corrector: version 10.3

[Apr 11, 2013]

The big news this day is the release of version 8.2 of Absolute Time Server

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