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Installing time synchronizing software to networks.

November 4tn, 2003.

Installing time synchronizing software to networks - Tips.

A bulk of time synchronizing software purchases are made by the network administrators. Deploying the software to every PC is frequently troublesome. If you've encountered that problems, this article well help you. Of course, we can't talk about all time synchronizing application - so we will just talk about Absolute Time Corrector.

Tips for deploying Absolute Time Corrector in the corporate network environment:

  1. The file atc.ini contains setup information. The file atc.bin contains registration data. Placing these two files in the installer folder automatically installs the same configuration settings and registration data on every workstation in the network where Absolute Time Corrector is deployed.
  2. Adding /SP- to the command line parameters will start the process of installation without asking for person's permission ("This will install … Do you wish to continue" window.)
  3. Adding /SILENT, /VERYSILENT to the command line parameters turns on silent and very silent installation modes. While you will see the error message, if they appear, you won't see the wizard and the background window (silent mode), plus you won't see the progress window (very silent).
  4. Adding /NOCANCEL to the command line parameters prevents the user from canceling installation in the middle of the process.
  5. Adding /NORESTART to the command line parameters, when combined with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT, instructs Setup not to reboot even if it's necessary.
  6. Adding /NOICONS to the command line parameters instructs Setup to initially disable placing icon on a desktop
  7. /DIR="x:\dirname" - Overrides the default directory name displayed on the Select Destination Directory wizard page. A fully qualified pathname must
    be specified.
  8. /GROUP="folder name" Overrides the default folder name displayed on the Select Start Menu Folder wizard page.

[May 09, 2013]

Great News! Major updates for Absolute Time Corrector: version 10.3

[Apr 11, 2013]

The big news this day is the release of version 8.2 of Absolute Time Server

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You can now purchase a family license for any of our products. A Family License allows you to use the product on 3 home computers. Purchasing a family license gives you three licenses for the price of two.

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