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October 14tn, 2003.

Software that requires accurate timekeeping.

A lot of readers contacted us and asked us to tell them about the software that requires accurate timekeeping. One of such programs is Energy Spy - a simple, but very helpful application that lets you automate certain tasks. In other words, it lets you schedule a shutdown, reboot, logoff, standby, and hibernatation on the local computer. But the corporate users can use it as well, since this application also supports command line options that allow power-off to be used in batch scripts (to turn off several remote computers). Users can set a keyboard shortcut for any action - shutdown, reboot, logoff, poweroff, standby, and hibernation. You can open/close CD-drives, adjust computer time via internet time servers and do much more. The program can be of a great help to the system administrators and save a lot of money to companies over time. For example, a lot of computer users forget to turn off their computers and monitors. With the help Energy Spy, all selected computers and monitors can be automatically turned off at a specified time, midnight, for example, to save on the energy bills. Importantly, the program comes with a feature that updates computer clock via the Internet for accurate timekeeping. You can download Energy Spy free of charge and use it during the trial period. Your copy is waiting for you right here.

Next Week. Does you business rely on accurate time and precision clock?

[May 09, 2013]

Great News! Major updates for Absolute Time Corrector: version 10.3

[Apr 11, 2013]

The big news this day is the release of version 8.2 of Absolute Time Server

Family License.

You can now purchase a family license for any of our products. A Family License allows you to use the product on 3 home computers. Purchasing a family license gives you three licenses for the price of two.

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