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Many folks still don't understand why they need 
              accurate time (precision clock) on their computers.

October 21tn, 2003.

Does you business rely on accurate time and precision clock?

Many folks still don't understand why they need accurate time (precision clock) on their computers. What really surprises me is that a lot of business people do not understand this. The simple answer for these people is that precision clock is most likely something you can not afford not to have. Need an example when lack of accurate timekeeping ruined someone's business? A friend of mine had his own website for five years. The largest asset by far has been a list of several thousand subscribers that generated a nice income for him ($2800 a week, as a matter of fact). He new that computers sometimes go nuts, so he bought automatic backup software that automatically made a reserve copy of his website and subscribers list. It saved him his business a couple of times. And ruined it too. The way backup software worked was the following - it looked at the dates of the files and overwrote old ones with the new ones. Everything was OK, before something happened to his computer clock - it thought it was 1953 in the year 2000. Backup software stopped performing synchronization and for several months his subscriber list did not get updated. People, who signed up after that did not get anything in their inboxes, needless to say they were very unhappy and pretty soon he started making less money. Then the computer crashed and he was stuck with old website copy. To make the long story short, he still makes less money he did before. However, he did get precision clock software after that. And we are willing to give a free copy of Absolute Time Corrector to anyone, who tells us a story about how accurate timekeeping (atomic time, precision clock) software helps them run their business.

Next Week - Cool software for the Internet.

[May 09, 2013]

Great News! Major updates for Absolute Time Corrector: version 10.3

[Apr 11, 2013]

The big news this day is the release of version 8.2 of Absolute Time Server

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